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Live Singer & DJ

Shaza is a talented vocalist, guitarist , DJ and entertainer who delights in performing her own original interpretations of songs selected from a wide range of musical genres and eras.


Currently residing in Sedgefield, SHAZA is a well known local performer with an amazingly vibrant on stage  personality.


SHAZA is pretty much an open book when it comes to music style & genres, being able to cover a very wide spectrum for all sorts of music tastes. From POP to light Rock to Classical Music perfect for your Wedding Pre-drinks session to entertain your guests while you off doing your photo shoots.


SHAZA has also taken on the DJ Scene and will take your party to the next level with her selection of music.


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Shaza ft Justin Sosa & MRREE - Obsession
available on all major digital platforms.
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Copyright - MRREE Records & Shaza Music
Facebook: @fb.com/shazamusician
Email: shazagreeff@gmail.com
Cell: +27 84 034 8006

LENNY DTOX & Justin Sosa Ft Shaza
│ Dezire (Original Mix)
Shaza Musician
│ Here I am to worship cover.
Shaza Musician
│Live cover - Imagine by John Lennon